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The Select World Cup is a project in-the-works put on by the Select League. It will take on the same format at the FIFA World Cup played every four years, except will be played locally in the KC Metro area. Generally speaking, players wanting to play in this tournament will be divided according to country affiliation. Affiliation will be determined by birth and/or ancestry or having resided in said country. Planning for this tournament begins immediately in concert with planning for The Select League team play. We are looking for coaches and players interested in this endeavor. Participation in both The Select League and the Select World Cup is welcome. Based on interest both a men's and women's tournament are planned.

The cost of playing in The Select League World Cup is minimal. The player only has to pay for their uniform and split costs for referee and field costs, if there are any. There is no fee to participate.



Our goal is to increase the interest in the game of soccer and offer an opportunity to participate in the closest thing to the real World Cup right here in KC. We promote competition, sportsmanship, and fun by way of the experience. This is to be a participants' league, which means costs are to be kept to a minimum. Players will be responsible for paying for their uniform kits, share of referee costs, and any field costs.


We hope to have as many international teams as possible to field full 11 v 11 games in the same format as the FIFA World Cup and even into the individual FIFA Confederations. Our goal is to host separate men's and women's tournaments and possibly youth. Our vision is to grow this tournament into a highly anticipated event within the KC area that celebrates the many different cultures that makes the Kansas City area great..

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