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The Select League


We are an adult recreational soccer league in the Kansas City metro area for ages 18+. We have a club league that plays every year from spring to fall. We will have both a men's and women's league. We also organize and host a quadrennial World Cup tournament.



Our mission is to provide an organized league for adults to play the game of soccer. While the game is competitive this league is for recreational purposes. We want to make playing the game of soccer easily available for all. We also want to be a place where future and potential coaches can get their start. Our mission is to keep the costs minimal to where players only have to pay for their uniform kits, their share of referee costs and any field costs that should incur. This is to be the participants' league.



Our vision for the league is to operate it much like the English Football System with higher and lower levels that can earn promotion or get relegated. This will ensure that competition stays close, and everyone has fun. Our vision for the World Cup tournament is making it an event that focuses on the many different ethnic groups here in the area and bring understanding of the many different cultures.

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