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Concussion Protocol

Spend 1-2 days at each level before moving to the next. 

If you develop symptoms, NOTIFY YOUR COACH, TEAM CAPTAIN, or DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. Rest one day, then resume at previous level.

  • LEVEL 1 - Light aerobic exercise (increase heart rate); Begin running, < 70% effort. Begin with 5-10 minutes, 10 min of rest, then another 5-10 minutes. Following days, gradually increase time up to 30 minutes continuous.

  • LEVEL 2 - Sport specific exercise (add movement); Advance to full speed running. Begin ball handling (juggling, passing, trapping, dribbling). No heading.

  • LEVEL 3 - Progress to Non-contact training drills (exertion, coordination, cognitive load); Multiple player (2 or more) drills. Agility and conditioning drills. No heading. May begin resistance training (push-ups, sit-ups, weights).

  • LEVEL 4 - Full contact training after medical clearance; live drills, full team scrimmage. Use head only for trapping. If you are able to train at Level 4 without symptoms, you may proceed to Level 5.

  • LEVEL 5 - Game play (may return to full participation). Use head for trapping only for the first 2 weeks of game play after your concussion.


Note: These return to play protocols are patterned after the generic return to play protocol proposed by the 4th International Conference on Concussion(1), and may differ from the UIL recommended protocol.

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