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Select World Cup Trophy


Golden Ball

The Select World Cup Trophy features a round world globe mounted on top of a clear crystal stand. It is 13 pounds and stands 14 inches tall. The winner of each Select World Cup tournament is awarded this trophy at the conclusion of the championship match. The Select League will retain the trophy between tournaments and each champion team will be engraved into the trophy.

The 2.75" Select World Cup Medal series introduces a huge level of style and substance. This smooth antique finished medal covers the gambit and will be awarded to the players and coaches of the first, second and third place teams.

The Golden Ball award is presented to the best player at each Select World Cup tournament, with a shortlist drawn up by the Select Confederation Presidents and the winner voted for by representatives of the teams, referees, and Select Confederation Presidents.

Select World Cup trophy 2.jpg
Golden Ball Award.jpeg

Golden Boot

Golden Goalie

Game Balls

The Golden Boot award goes to the top goalscorer of the Select World Cup. If there is more than one player with the same number of goals, the tie-breaker goes to the player with more assists. If there is still more than one player, the tie is decided by who's team advanced further. The actual award is still being chosen. Pictures will be posted upon selection.

The Golden Goalie award is awarded to the best goalkeeper of the tournament as voted on by the Select Confederation Presidents.

Golden Goalie Award_edited.jpg

The top player of the championship game will be awarded the game ball used during the match. Other tournament balls will be raffled off to participants of the tournament.

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2022 Adidas World Cup final ball_edited.
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