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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Select League?

The Select League is a new start-up league within the Kansas City Metro and surrounding area. Our goal is to bring all the passionate fans of soccer together to compete on a recreational, fun level.

Who can play in The Select League?

Anyone that is beyond high school may play in the league; all skill levels are welcome. This is a recreational league. And while it is organized and competitive, it's meant to be fun.

Can both men and women play?

Originally, we were going to only have a men's league, however due to some interest that has been shown we are looking into also creating a women's league as well. On top of that we do plan on holding a women's World Cup tournament.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost will be determined once we have a firm base as far as teams are concerned. Each player will need to buy their club's (and/or country) uniform plus their own cleats and shin guards. A small league fee will be collected to fund referees and secure the use of fields. This league is operated as a not-for-profit so all money will be put into the league.

Where are the games to be played?

It has yet to be determined where the games will be played, other than in the KC area. We may play all games at a single soccer complex or spread them around so each team has their own home fields. This will be determined by league officers and team managers.

When will games be played?

This is another thing that will be determined once we have team managers. Time of year, we are leaning towards the fall. Day of the week, we are leaning towards Thursdays evenings and Sundays. Time of day, will depend on day of the week.

What is the Select World Cup?

Our idea with the Select World Cup is to recreate the actual World Cup experience here at home. This will allow soccer fans in the area to participate in a tournament representing a country that they are from or had ancestors from or have lived previously. The tournament will be in the same format as the actual World Cup. We are aiming for the beginning of April 2023 to hold the tournament at Olathe area soccer complexs.

Why should I join The Select League?

There are a number of reasons to join, from quite frankly not many other options to loving the game and wanting to compete. This league is being created with you in mind. It is made for pure enjoyment of playing. This league is not here to make money or benefit those "running the show", it is entirely your league.

Is there a championship game?

For the Select World Cup tournament there absolutely is. For The Select League (club play) we are planning on having a playoff and championship game unless we decide to go along the same lines as the English Premier League when crowning a champion.

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