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Select League Matches Postponed Due to Forecasted Inclement Weather

Updated: May 11

April 26, 2024

Severe thunderstorms forecasted in the KC area

In response to the National Weather Service's forecast of severe weather, the Select League has announced the postponement of all matches scheduled for this weekend, April 27. The decision was made in the interest of player, referee, supporter, and staff safety.

The weather forecast indicates a chance of showers and thunderstorms beginning on Saturday afternoon, with heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms expected in the evening. The forecast includes strong winds, with gusts reaching up to 38 mph, and a high likelihood of precipitation throughout the night. Potential hazards such as large hail, damaging wind gusts, and isolated tornadoes could also occur.

Given the anticipated conditions, league officials have decided to postpone the matches to protect all involved. The matches will be rescheduled for a day within the current season, most likely on a Monday or Tuesday evening, and the league will announce new dates soon.

Fans and participants are advised to stay updated on the rescheduled matches and take appropriate safety precautions during the weekend's inclement weather.


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