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The Select League is a recreational adult men's (18 and up) soccer league based in the Kansas City metro area. It is also closely associated with KCAFF and related international play including the KCAFF World Cup. The purpose of The Select League is to give local players and coaches an opportunity to experience being part of a club and organization that promotes solid competition, sportsmanship, and being part of the community.


The Select League will comprise of 10 clubs. Each club will play every other club in the league twice, once at home and once away. This will give each club 18 total matches. Club home matches will be played within the area designated for that club. For instance, Liberty FC home matches will be played in Liberty and Olathe United home matches will be played in Olathe. At the end of the season, the club with the most points win the championship.


Each club is in need of a club owner. They are responsible for finding a coach (if they do not coach themselves), finding sponsors, securing a home field, maintaining the club's website and any other social media. They are also the final authority within the club for the club name, crest (logo), and kit designs and colors. They either can vote themselves or designate a representative to vote on league matters.


So how much does it cost to participate in the Select League? The fee is $250 per player. The fee paid gets each player their own full home and away kits (jerseys, shorts, socks). It also gives the player sanctioning (insurance) for a year along with covering their share of the referee and field costs for the club.

International Play

Players can and are encouraged to participate in both the Select League and with our international teams (through KCAFF). Club sanctioning covers international play as well, so if you are playing in the Select League, you do NOT need to pay more to be sanctioned for international play. You will, however, need to pay additionally for your international kits and any field and referee costs tabbed to the international play. International play revolves around friendlies, individual confederation tournaments, and our KCAFF World Cup which will take place again in 2026.


The vision of the Select League is wide ranging and offers many possibilities. A second lower division is to be established with at least 10 clubs. At this point after each season, the top 2 clubs from the second division will be promoted into the Select League, while the lowest 2 finishers of the Select League shall be relegated to the second division.

Beyond promotion and relegation, we will work with other leagues in the area to form a Champions League where our top placed clubs will face off against the top placed clubs from other area leagues.


Another future endeavor of the Select League is to create youth academies under each club. The youth teams will play each other much the same as the men's first team. Youth teams will consist of practice and training in order for the player to excel and progress in the game of soccer. With youth programs so expensive, we hope to make it more affordable for parents, while giving top notch coaching and the travel team feel without having to go more than an hour away.


Women clubs are also in the future of the Select League. Clubs will add exclusive women's teams to compete against one another in the same manner as the club 1st team.

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