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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Select League?

Select League is a new soccer league based in the Kansas City metro area. It is comprised of 10 clubs who compete from spring to fall in an English Premier League format. Each club is comprised of a Men's 1st team and soon will also include a Women's 1st team.

What is KCAFF?

Think of a local KC area FIFA. KCAFF is the overarching entity that organizes local international teams in their friendly and tournment competitions. They are also ultimately responsible for Select League and advancing Select League.

Who owns Select League?

Select League is owned by the clubs within Select League.

What are the goals Select League?

Our immediate focus is on building a strong foundation with 10 clubs, each fielding competitive 18 and older men's teams. We believe in fostering a vibrant environment for adult men's soccer, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills. Shortly after, we aim to introduce adult women's teams within each club. We are committed to promoting women's soccer alongside the men's teams.

Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond the present structure. We aspire to see each club develop youth academies, investing in the next generation of soccer talent. By doing so, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of the sport. To enhance competitiveness and excitement, we plan to establish a second lower league, introducing the concept of promotion and relegation. This not only adds a dynamic element to the league but also provides aspiring teams with a clear pathway to rise through the ranks.

In a broader context, we envision collaboration with other local leagues to create a Champions League. This cross-league competition will bring together the best teams, fostering a sense of community and elevating the overall soccer experience for players and fans alike.

Our goals are not just about creating a league; they are about shaping an ecosystem that supports soccer at every level, from grassroots to elite competition. Select League is not just a platform; it's a commitment to the growth and enrichment of the beautiful game.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go here and pay the $250 player fee.

Can I play for a club and an international team?

Yes, you can play for both a club and an international team. You can join an international team on the sign up page.

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