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Select League Summer Series

Free to play and very informal

The Select League Summer Series will kick off this Sunday, August 13 at Meadowmere Park at 3pm. Owners and coaches from various clubs within the Select League will be on site.

So, what is the Summer Series? It is basically reoccurring pick-up soccer games that will be spread around the metro area. The purpose is to bring out potential players who might want to join one of our clubs. It can be seen as an open house for the league with a bit of tryout for the club owners and coaches in attendance. It is free to participate and will be very informal. So come on out, play some soccer and have fun.

The second Summer Series event will take place at Happy Rock Park in Gladstone, MO on Saturday, August 19 at 3:00 pm. A more extensive schedule of where and when the Summer Series will be is in the making and should be posted on here in short order.

Note: To play in the Select League, you do not need to attend one of these pick-up games.


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