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Women's 1st Teams

The Select League features women's teams from various clubs competing against each other. Each club has a dedicated women's side that engages in competitive matches with other clubs' women's teams. The league is exclusive to women players and coaches, and it actively encourages women ownership of clubs.

To participate, interested individuals can sign up on the league's website at The registration process is open to both women players and coaches looking to be part of the Select League. Notably, the league operates independently of co-ed teams, emphasizing a focus on women's soccer.

The league fee is $250, which includes comprehensive coverage such as complete home and away uniforms, player insurance in case of injuries, and a portion of the field and referee costs. This fee structure reflects the league's commitment to providing a well-rounded and supportive environment for women participating in soccer.

The Select League's structure is modeled after the English FA, ensuring a competitive and organized format for women's teams to showcase their talent and passion for the sport. Overall, the league stands as a platform dedicated to the growth and promotion of women's soccer, encompassing players, coaches, and even club ownership opportunities.

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