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4 Owners or Ownership Groups Still Needed

Own your own club within Select League

The Select League is continuing to build towards its goal of 10 clubs to start competition this April. There has been a solid start so far with 5 clubs having solid ownership plus a 6th that looks like it'll be announced soon.

Select League welcomes single person ownership or more than one owner per club. Currently two of our clubs are owned by more than one individual. Here is the breakdown of league ownership.

Real Overland Park - Owned by partnership of Michael Nichols and Colin Cooper. The club has already a firm foundation of players but still looking to add more. Their website is up and running here: Real Overland Park.

Southside FC - The Grandview, MO based club is owned solely by Goddard Ogutu. The club is currently working on getting their official website up and running along with naming a manager.

Leawood Forest - This club is owned by Brandon Fisher. They've already signed 4 key players for the roster and brought on KCAFF World Cup manager Abdellatif Boukhenoufa who led the Algerian team to the championship match. The club has already secured a sponsor in Cuvee KC on a two year deal along with having their official website up and running here: Leawood Forest.

Northland FC - This Gladstone, MO club is solely owned by Bryce Empey. They already have their official website up and running here: Northland FC. They also have secured manager Fernando Ramirez. They held their recruiting open house a couple of weekends ago, and hope to hold another this fall when the heat isn't so intense.

KCK - This club has yet to announce their official title, but is a co-ownership between Charlie Sanderson and Rene Rocha Jr. They are still working on the official website as well.

Olathe United - A prospective owner has come forward to take over the club. This owner will be walking into a turnkey operation as they already have a website up here: Olathe United. The league has also already reached out to potential sponsors for the club and have worked on recruiting some players.

Lenexa City FC - There is a prospective owner for Lenexa City, if a co-owner can be found. Therefore, the club is still open for a sole owner or someone who would like to be a co-owner. Lenexa City already has a functioning website up and running here: Lenexa City FC.

White Hall Fields - The Liberty, MO based club is about as turnkey as you can get. The club already has a manager in Liridon Doni Mehmeti of Kosovo. They have already recruited a top talent in center back Sylvanus Bockerie who played professionally in England. There is also a website for the club here: White Hall Fields.

Downtown & Central Hyde Park - This downtown KC club is currently just an idea. Should a prospective owner come in and want to take it over they may, or they can create their own club from scratch. Eventually D&CHP will be a club, if not now, in the future.

Open - This is the final open spot for someone to build up a club exactly how they want to, from uniform kits, to website, to location, to club crest.

So, if you are interested in sole ownership or partial ownership, please reach out to us at expressing your interest. At the moment clubs cost nothing but your hard work and time. Again, White Hall Fields, Lenexa City, and two yet to be named clubs are looking for ownership.


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