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Ever Wanted to Own Your Own Club?

The Select League is in search of dedicated, hardworking individuals who love the game of football (soccer). Have you ever watched Sporting KC or your favorite English Premier League team and thought, "I would like a hand at running the club". Here is your chance to create a club and operate it from top to bottom as you see fit.

Right now, you can take advantage of owning a club in the Select League for free. As long as current owners believe you to be the type of person who is reliable and willing to put in the work to make your club, and thus the league, successful. So, what does it take to be a club owner?

Since we’re a new league starting up, it costs nothing to own a club but will take self-motivation and hard work. It’ll entail following the league rules, attending meetings, building and maintaining a club website, designing club name and crest along with uniform kit designs, recruiting a coach and players, securing a pitch for your home matches and a club sponsor. It's the overall organizing and running the club. You can obviously enlist as many volunteers as you’d like to help with the workload. Players sign up and pay the fee which covers uniforms, their sanctioning (insurance) and their portion of field/referee costs.

We currently are looking for 4 more owners or ownership groups. We also have 2 clubs who's owners are looking for co-owners to work with them in building their club. Those two clubs are the Kansas City, KS club (yet to have an official name) and Downtown & Central Hyde Park.

All inquiries into ownership should be directed to .

Map of current clubs. KCK and Downtown & Central Hyde Park are looking for co-owners. Base your club wherever you'd like, including Lawrence and St. Joseph.


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