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Northland Derby Triumph Sparks Celebration

Updated: Jun 9

In a thrilling Northland Derby at the Western Missouri Soccer League (WMSL), Northland FC emerged victorious against Liberty FC. Northland seized an early lead, quickly finding the net and setting the tone for the match. Liberty FC's frustrations were evident from the start, further benefiting the visitors.

By halftime, Northland was up 2-0, comfortably leading the table and looking ahead to the holiday break. However, Liberty regrouped in the second half, showing improved composure and better passing combinations. They managed to pull one back, narrowing the score to 2-1 and putting significant pressure on Northland's defense.

Northland responded when Gui Gomes scored to make it 3-1. As Liberty pushed back, Gomes delivered two more goals, completing his hat trick and sealing a decisive 5-1 victory for Northland FC.

This resounding win not only filled Northland fans with immense pride but also left a bitter defeat lingering in the minds of Liberty’s supporters. The Derby triumph sets a powerful tone for Northland heading into Memorial Weekend.


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